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Selco Security

Selco technology corporation LTD is a multinational company that represents an industrial manufacturing group specialized in security and CCTV electronics products.

All manufacturing sites of the group respect the most high quality standard. Selco for each market use different brands. The Selco group produces with OEM/ODM agreements for several famous brands leader in the market; we develop customers that are looking for long-term relationship and exclusive products by quality and features without lose the competitively. Under own brands Selco provide the most advanced technology to who would like to join the special benefits reserved to the Selco Club members.

During past years Selco group have demonstrated to have a unique sales policy and straight confidentiality to assure the correct growth of all customers.

At Selco the target is to growth in the market together with our customers with advanced products and latest available technology. We operate with the full respect of the law of each country we operate following the market rules; we care the environment and most important ethic conduct.

Our customers are the most important value we have at Selco, we trust them and we use all our efforts for their success taking actions to protect them from not leal behavior.

Selco Technology Corporation LTD in addition to this catalogue can offer several products not reported, contact us for your needs, we will provide our best service.

Per informazioni: sales@selcosecurity.com